My Adoption Story

May is one of the HARDEST months for a birth mom.


As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to shed light on the unique experiences & dynamic emotions Birth Mothers often face this time of year. To do this, we asked NWA birth mother, Marci, to share a few things about her personal experiences and emotions surrounding the month of May.


Please take a moment to hear her heart and consider how you can support any birth mothers in your life this month. 💜


“Historically, Mother’s Day was a harder day for me than any other – even harder than my daughter’s birthday. It is in your face everywhere you look. Women are posting all over social media about all the love and acknowledgment they receive. People are posting shout-outs to their incredible moms.  Husbands are thanking the mothers of their kids. Grandparents are posting how proud they are of their daughters. Even step-moms and mom-like friends are getting love (as they should). Receiving no acknowledgment as a birth mom is isolating, shaming, gaslighting, and all-around excruciatingly painful.


“I did not have contact with my daughter for 29 years, and Mother’s Day was horrible. Now I get a text from her each year wishing me Happy Mother’s Day. What joy! Just a short text. Often fewer than four sentences. It means the WORLD to me. Makes my whole day, and even thinking of those texts now, my heart is joyful. What a difference.


“Some people like Birth Mother’s Day; some people think the days should not be separated and all moms honored on the same day. Most birth moms just want the love. Whether people choose to celebrate two days or just one, reaching out to acknowledge and send some love to their birth mom(s) will make a major difference in her life and eliminate much of the pain associated with that weekend.” – Marci, NWA Birth Mother


We are SO grateful for Marci’s vulnerability and willingness to share with us.


**Gentle reminder that just as every adoption story is different, the same is true for the experiences of birth mothers. Marci’s story does not speak for all birth mothers’ experiences. Yet, we hope it provides valuable insight into the unique experiences & emotions they often face during this time.**


So, as Birth Mother’s Day (5/13) and Mother’s Day (5/14) draw near, please know that it’s ok to acknowledge birth mothers on one (or both) of these special days. Here are a few simple things you can do to show them some love on their day:


🌸 Send an ecard by text or email


🌸 Text a picture of her child holding a message for her


🌸 Call her to let her know how much she means to you


🌸 All of the above


Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about how you can partner with us!