Shared Beginnings began with a desire to restore voice and choice to expectant women who are considering adoption. We link arms with these brave women, connect them to community resources, and help them make informed decisions along the way.

Our dedicated team at Shared Beginnings supports birth moms at any time in their post placement journey and assists pregnant moms considering making an adoption plan for their baby. From the first call with us and long after the adoption process is finalized, we are here for you.

This is our Mission

Empowering the community to build healthy families by supporting pregnant women, first families, adoptees and adoptive families.

This is our Vision

We seek to humanize the legal process of adoption by raising the standards for ethical practices across Arkansas.



Executive Director

About Michaela

Michaela is an adoptive mom of 3 beautiful kids-Mya, Asher and Kade. She grew up in the cornfields of Ohio and received her degree from Cedarville University but loves Northwest Arkansas. Michaela and her husband Scott have been married for 11 years. Her passion is helping serve brave moms who want to make the best choice for their children.


Operations Director

About Julia

Julia oversees our expectant mom care coordinators and other programs at Shared Beginnings. Julia is mom to Josie and can’t wait to continue to grow her family. She is an Enneagram 9 who grew up in Georgia and has just relocated to the NWA area. She received her bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy from Piedmont College and has been married to her high school sweetheart, Brandon. She has created a career of fighting for people who are often forgotten or ignored and wants to continue that work.


Finance & Compliance Director

About Sarah

Sarah is a mother to a beautiful baby girl. She graduated from Southwest Baptist University with degrees in International Business and Christian Ministry. Sarah is passionate about family and helping people understand the deep love of Christ. She loves getting to report on the hard work that our team does to go above and beyond what is required to serve our clients well and getting to see the progress clients make toward achieving their goals.
andrew heath


Development & External Relations Director

About Andrew

Andrew is an Enneagram 2 and loves people. He enjoys everything about Bentonville area and Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Art, events and movies are his favorite time fillers. He grew up in Pennsylvania with a passion for politics and underserved children.


Prospective Adoptive Parent Care Manager

About Evelyn

Evelyn is a mother to her 1 and only daughter Edyn Marie. Evelyn and her husband have been married for 14 years. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s in Child & Family Studies. Evelyn has a passion for helping families to improve mentally, physically and emotionally to obtain a better quality of life.


Expectant Mom Client Care Manager

About Emily

Emily is wife to Chase and mom to her boys, Sullivan (Sully) and Cypress (Cy). She earned a B.S. in Family and Human Services from JBU and has completed one year of her Masters in Clinical Counseling. She volunteers her time as a foster parent and in advocating for refugee families in NWA. Emily is passionate about empowering women to make choices that will help them achieve their full potential. She loves singing/playing guitar, gardening, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, and watching shows.


Birth Mom Support Coordinator

About Marci

Marci holds a degree in Healthcare Administration. With a broad base of experience, she helps to bring quality to our business operations. As a birth mother 34 years post placement and an early advocate of open adoption, Marci has a passion for connecting with other birth mothers and working to break down stereotypes. She and her husband moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2018 where she enjoys semi-retirement, reading, cooking, being outdoors, and volunteering.


Prospective Adoptive Parent Care Coordinator

About Kristin

Kristin has worked in nonprofits for over 8 years and is passionate about working with women and helping families walk through the adoption process. Kristin has been married to Adam for 9 years and together they are raising 2 boys that came to their family through adoption. Besides being outside with her boys and camping, Kristin loves expanding her collection of indoor and outdoor plants.

Rachel Tucker

Expectant Mom & Birth Mom Support Care Coordinator

About Rachel

Rachel has a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Maryville University. In her 15 year career, her experience spans from behavioral health, DHS Services to elder care. During her spare time she enjoys photography, hiking and traveling. Her favorite places are Belize & the Buffalo River!


Marshallese Engagement and Intrafamily Care Coordinator

About Oprah

Oprah is the queen of side hustles. Follow her on tiktok - @opraheats. She is a lover of dogs and is a youth leader at King's Chapel in Springdale. Oprah is a proud Marshallese Arkansas native - born & raised. She and her husband LOVE to travel and debate if lakes or the ocean are better to swim in.

Martha Newman

Home Study Social Worker

About Martha

Martha and her husband Matt live locally in Springdale, AR and have 3 children through adoption. Martha seeks to acknowledge the reality of coexisting grief and joy in each adoption story. Martha has been a social worker for 15+ years with various experience in therapeutic foster care, school based counseling, housing advocacy, & community resource coordinating. She now enjoys supporting and educating families during the home study process and always has coffee in hand.

Allyson Richert

Community Engagement Coordinator

About Allyson

As an Enneagram 6, I love to travel, help others and spend time with my boyfriend, Josh and our goldendoodle Rusty. I'll graduate from the UofA with a Bachelors Degree in Public Health in May 2023. If you need a listening ear, shoulder to cry on or just a good laugh, come see me.


We are your advocate, your support and your guide through every step!