We Need Your Help:

Because of donors like you, we are able to meet the needs of families in our community that are placing or have placed children for adoption. By ensuring families’ basic needs are met, we are able to help them get on their feet and achieve stability and independence. Thank you for continuing to support us in our efforts to love others well.

Monetary Donation


Covers the vehicle registration fee so a family can get to work, the grocery store, and doctor’s appointments.


Covers the cost of a driver’s license for a mom or dad.


Provides lunch and learning materials for a life skills class, which covers topics from filing taxes to parenting.


Helps a mom or dad obtain a passport so they will be work ready.


Covers the cost of a reliable car for a family in need.

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No goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution. Shared Beginnings is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.