Infant Adoption

We charge a flat rate that covers social services and pregnancy related expenses as defined by AR law, so there are never any surprises. To begin an adoption journey with Shared Beginnings, you will need to have $24,000 available (plus legal fees,) in the event you are chosen quickly. Grants, loans, and employment reimbursement programs are amazing but you will need to pay upfront and be reimbursed later if these options are utilized.

**Note: We do NOT charge a “Match Fee”. Within the Selected Fee is incorporated the expense of Expectant Mom’s care and occurs after you’ve been selected by an expectant mom, have met her and you feel confident in moving forward in the process. 

For Arkansas Families, the Intake Fee does cover the cost of their home study which is provided by an independent social worker contracted with our agency. 

You will also be responsible for hiring and paying the legal fees of the AAAA attorney of your choice. Generally less than $6,000.