Adoption is Many Things

Adoption is many things. While it is often times portrayed as rainbows and unicorns, those that have lived through the experience of placing, being adopted, or even adopting, know otherwise. Adoption is often beautiful, yes. It is also messy, challenging, complicated, and full of all kinds of emotions. And when an unethical agency or lawyer […]

8 Essentials for Ethical Adoptions

Shared Beginnings started in early 2019 out of a desire to see expectant/birth moms treated with dignity and respect and given a voice throughout the adoption process. It is no surprise that our system is broken in many ways and that more needs to be done to protect the vulnerable and the oppressed. One of […]

Interview with Amber Fiedler

Brittany, Shared Beginnings’ Care Coordinator, interviewed American Idol contestant and birth mom, Amber Fielder about her decision to place her child for adoption.